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Meo Sana

For more than 20 years, European companies successfully enter emerging markets based on our Umbrella Company Strategy and other modes of entry that enables an agile internationalization.

Our services focus not only on analysis and strategy development (e.g. consulting services), but especially on result-oriented implementation and strategy execution.

Compared to the traditional mode of entry into foreign markets, the benefits of the Umbrella Company Concept are:

  • Immediate focus on sales
  • Shorter time to market
  • Less administrative burden
  • Therefore less risk and
  • Less costs, even in case the company decides to leave the foreign market again

Although the Umbrella Company Concept is especially useful for export, it can also be considered for other market entry modes, e.g. setting up joint ventures and strategic alliances as well as investor search in Southeast Asia and China.

The integration of ASEAN economies into one ASEAN Economic Community (AEC 2015) and the ongoing rise of China offer tremendous growth opportunities.  UMI ASIA is your ideal partner for market entries in this region.

The UMI ASIA Umbrella Concept can also be used for companies based in Asia that are interested in entering a market in another ASEAN country or in a European country.