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Umbrella concept

Umbrella concept

In a nutshell

The Umbrella Concept is based on an existing structure of fully fledged subsidiaries of UMI ASIA that offer the development and implementation of cost-effective and pragmatic internationalization solutions for export companies throughout the ASEAN countries and China.
The concept provides our clients with an infrastructure in all target markets with the competence to deal with human resources, sales and distribution functions, local administration and authorities.
As a result, our clients are relieved of the administrative stress and uncertainty of internationalization, allowing them to immediately focus on sales without the burden of heavy organizational obligations.


Our long-standing experience has proven that the concept delivers outstanding benefits to our clients in terms of a fast entry, low risk, cost-effective and result-oriented approach to entering new markets. Combined with a carefully selected and diverse local network, the Umbrella Concept offers an unparalleled value for companies of different sizes across all industries.

How it works

Based on the specific requirements of the parent company, the local subsidiary of UMI ASIA immediately identifies suitable candidates for the local sales representative. The sales person is then responsible for identifying the appropriate distribution channels in the country (“market organization”).
Once the parent company starts exporting to the target country, UMI ASIA takes care of all export and logistic activities including organizing licenses, dealing with customs, etc. Warehouse and storage capacity will be provided.